Where to buy a miter saw: Read this before you decide

miter saw stand reviewsThe parameters for deciding where to buy miter saw could be difficult to put together, especially if you are new to using such instruments.

However you will be able to frame them based on certain simple analytical observations about the type of miter saw, technical specifications, accessories, safety features, operational flexibility, warranty on parts, shipping cost and time, replacement and refund options and ease of maintenance.

Some of these parameters are product (also read as manufacturer) dependent while others are dealer dependent. Once you have understood them clearly you will be able to decide where to buy a miter saw.

Product features that determine where to buy a miter saw

Technical specifications of the product miter saw will automatically determine its quality and operational efficiency. You need to consider the ease of installation, assembly and adjustments, power requirements, motor and blade specifications, table dimensions, cutting capacity, supported blade types, sizes and their capacity etc.

Basic, compound, sliding compound and cordless are some of the types of miter saw you can find in the market today. Dewalt and Festool are two of the leading miter saw brands. No matter which type you choose, product efficiency depends on the manufacturer and the service efficiency depends on the dealer you buy from. Both are important to consider while deciding where to buy a miter saw.

Personal safety, equipment safety, fire and electrical safety are some of the most important factors you need to consider which are related to the product and accessories.

  • Compare more than two to three brands and models of the product while deciding on where to buy a miter saw. Ultimately you will be able to choose the one which matches with your requirements.
  • Now you will want to know whether to go online and place an order or go to the sales outlet, test it and then buy it. The choice is simple. If you find an outlet nearby you can choose that option. Otherwise you can opt for online buying.

Choosing the right dealer where to buy a miter saw

Once you are sure of the brand and the model of miter saw to buy, your focus will be on the dealer. The manufacturer specifies the product and parts warranty which will be mostly the same with all dealers. Check for free or low cost servicing options with the dealer when you face operational difficulties with the product after the warranty period expiry.

How fast you can get replacements in case of non functional accessories and spare parts? What are the shipping charges (if any)? Is it possible to fit in alternate brand parts / accessories if the OEM parts are hard to get? What will be your equipment efficiency in such cases?

These are some of the questions you should be asking your dealer. These are some of the basic but critical parameters to be considered. There could be many more which you can think of. Make a list of them and evaluate them before taking a decision on where to buy a miter saw.